The Toyota 2JZ-GTE Engine. The legend.


The Toyota 2JZ-GTE. This epic inline 6 cylinder engine could possibly be the most widely used engine in all different forms of motor sport and in a wide range of engine conversions (read more)

The Toyota 2JZ-GTE first came out back in 1991 and was the power plant in the Toyota Aristo. The 2JZ-GTE is a 3000CC, 24V belt driven DOHC, intercooled twin turbo inline 6 cylinder engine with cast iron block and alloy cylinder head. The engine was Toyota’s response to the already successful Nissan RB26DETT engine which is a 2600cc inline 6 of very similar specs and already had been proven in various touring car championships.

Since then the 2JZ-GTE has been very heavily modified with some setups being able to produce in excess of 2000HP in the drag racing scene. This was achieved with the aid of stronger aftermarket internals, extensively ported heads, massive turbos, massive boost and stroker crankshafts upping the displacement from the factory 3000CC anywhere up to 3500cc. However this engine has not been limited to drag racing. It has also been used many times just about all forms of motorsport including drifting, circuit racing, rally, and even land speed record vehicles! Along with engine conversions on a whole range of street driven vehicles.


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