The Toyota 2JZ-GTE Engine. The legend.


The Toyota 2JZ-GTE. This epic inline 6 cylinder engine could possibly be the most widely used engine in all different forms of motor sport and in a wide range of engine conversions (read more)

The Toyota 2JZ-GTE first came out back in 1991 and was the power plant in the Toyota Aristo. The 2JZ-GTE is a 3000CC, 24V belt driven DOHC, intercooled twin turbo inline 6 cylinder engine with cast iron block and alloy cylinder head. The engine was Toyota’s response to the already successful Nissan RB26DETT engine which is a 2600cc inline 6 of very similar specs and already had been proven in various touring car championships.

Since then the 2JZ-GTE has been very heavily modified with some setups being able to produce in excess of 2000HP in the drag racing scene. This was achieved with the aid of stronger aftermarket internals, extensively ported heads, massive turbos, massive boost and stroker crankshafts upping the displacement from the factory 3000CC anywhere up to 3500cc. However this engine has not been limited to drag racing. It has also been used many times just about all forms of motorsport including drifting, circuit racing, rally, and even land speed record vehicles! Along with engine conversions on a whole range of street driven vehicles.


The Unknown Definition

Today I had finally came to a conclusion. Nobody really seems to know the true definition of JDM. Well I find this a fantastic opportunity to tell you what it’s all about. Well let me give you a prior warning JDM Cars are ADDICITVE! In fact if you finish reading this page and you’re not hooked ill eat my own muffler. What is JDM.. NOT RICE! Rice is the typical boy racer style of making your car as loud and  as visible as possible. Adding things  to you car like huge spoilers that belong on aircraft, exhausts with holes in trying to make a 1.3 litre Honda civic sound like a twin turbo Nissan skyline. Under car neon’s so bright you can see the car from space… All without enhancing the performance noticeably at all. Cleanliness is a HUGE part of styling JDM CARS. If you think you know how to clean a car well, you need to see how some of the top dogs in the JDM cars world do it. Its another level of clean, hospitals are dirtier than some of the engine bays ive seen. Dents, rust, chips, scratches – no good repair them!  Polish that paint to a mirror shine, get all the brake dust off your rims, take the seats out and carpet clean your interior… You get the idea. JDM cars are much more attractive when they are hyper clean, in fact its key to the styling of JDM cars. Not a super clean car? Then its going to look a lot like any other standard car… The first step to modifying JDM cars is to CLEAN them! What is JDM? JDM is clean.

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